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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Meaning of Kadia Sathwara

Kadia in Gujarati means persons involved in profession, as mason, in brick-manufacturing and as well as in building & construction works. As such any person involved in such work is called Kadia. Another synonym for Kadiain Gujarati language is Mistry or Mistri . Such persons are considered to be specially skilled in such works mentioned above. ==Kadia now also know as Shaheri kadia who live in the city area of Ahmedabad, at the time of Ahmedasha Badshah there are two types of party in kadia. One called Savaso ni Panti and other called Transo ni Panti this given name to them because there are 125 men in savaso ni panti and 300 men in transo ni panti. Now kadia are grown and many of them are living out side of India like USA, UK, Canada, Africa and in other part of the world. The educational level of the caste on its one of the highest level and many of them are become doctor, advocate, ca and engineers some of them are become a good businessmen and contribute there hand in the help of society. Kadia community is now one of the best community in the current situation. Bahuchar Mataji is the mainly devotee goddess of the community and they praythem daily

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